Home Opinion The PEPT judgement won’t go the way of 30 pieces of silver. The judges are not Judas

The PEPT judgement won’t go the way of 30 pieces of silver. The judges are not Judas

by DReporters
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The PEPT judgement won’t go the way of 30 pieces of silver. The judges are not Judas

By @brotherbarth

1. Wednesday, September 6, 2023, though in future is already etched on stone of history of Nigeria and cast in the steel of African renaissance story.

2. Africa waits to see the guide Nigeria will provide.

3. Honest soldiers in countries bedeviled by corrupt leadership presently pondering how to come to the rescue of their nations await to see if Nigeria will confirm that democracy can still work in the continent.

4. Since after Judas, no one has ever desired to be associated with him.
For the purpose of my non-Christian readers, Judas was the man that betrayed Jesus (the Christ). He accepted a bride of 30 pieces of silver coins and handed Jesus over to his adversaries, who made false allegations against him, and got him condemned to death.

5. Jesus had performed many miracles which Judas witnessed, so Judas believed that he (Jesus) will miraculously escape from his captors, while he goes on and enjoy his 30 pieces of silver coins. Unfortunately, Jesus did not escape, but was ignominiously tortured and killed. When Judas saw the gory torture, he couldn’t bear the evil he had committed, he went out and committed suicide by handing himself on a tree.

6. Every single Judge of the PEPT knows the story of Judas, but unlike Judas, they all know that no petitioner before them has shown to possess miraculous powers, therefore whatever judgement they issue goes with full potency.

7. His adversaries bore false witness and had Jesus condemned to death because he said he is the TRUTH (indeed He is). So, for betraying this TRUTH Judas died a shameful death (of suicide) that begot him eternal disgust and rejection.

8. Before the PEPT, there is only one TRUTH, and the Judges know it. How would anybody think that the Judges will want to go the way of Judas and betray the truth for whatever blackmail or inducement? Who wants to be subjected to eternal disgust and rejection? Or who would want to commit such a heinous crime against TRUTH, and set their souls up for eternal torture?

9. News making the rounds say that some evil persons have made some input in the judgement to suit their wicked desire. I would think that no one should worry about this. Even if it is done, those who prepared the evil judgement shall, with their own ears, hear the TRUTHFUL and JUST judgement pronounced.

10. Do they think the judges are fools? Or That the Judges are not aware that they have ran out of the country (or are set to run out) in case of ‘eventuality’?

11. Of course the Judges know that all eyes are on them. These are eyes of love and kindness, eyes that are saying: “you know the truth, say it! Don’t let their inducement and blackmail make you to give verdict against the TRUTH. Remember Judas, he didn’t live to enjoy his silver coins. Don’t let them push you onto the way of Judas.”

12. Every Nigerian should rest assured because the eyes of love on the judiciary have become the gracious morale they need to do the right thing. The Lordships will do justice. They will not bring down the roof of Nigeria on Nigerians (them inclusive). They won’t.

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