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Soon The Lies of Northern Selfish Politicians will be Destroyed

By @brotherbarth on x

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1. Something great is happening now in Nigeria.

2. The eyes of the multitude of poor and vulnerable Northerners that have been deceived for many years by their selfish rogue politicians and elites are about to be opened.

3. Guess who is subtly, but surely leading this campaign?

4. Soon, the expression, “the North never forgets” will make absolutely no sense because what the statement basically means is, “we shall use our millions of impoverished, vulnerable, and deceived masses against you during election”.

5. The northern selfish and rogue politicians are the most wicked species in Nigeria, and ofcourse they are the biggest threat to Nigeria national security.

6. It is the selfish and rogue Northern politicians that largely create insecurity and poverty im Nigeria. They do so to keep stealing money from security budgets, stealing natural resources in secret, and exploiting the poor masses to ‘win’ elections as a way of always legitimising their hold to power.

7. One of the most important tools to liberate Nigeria, is to open the eyes of millions of poor, vulnerable and deceived Northerners who have been manipulated by their own wicked, selfish and rogue politicians. Once this is done, Nigeria’s problem is 85% solved.

I write from the wilderness.

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