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Declaring Herdsmen And Bandits As Terrorists Will Not Change Anything – Gumi

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Ismalic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said that declaring herdsmen and bandits as terrorists will not reduce criminality in the country. 

He also said the Court declaration is nothing but a decision taken for political expediency. Sheikh Gumi made this known on Friday, through a statement issued by his Media Consultant, Malam Tukur Mamu, the Dan-Iyan Fika.

“I think the Federal Government has succumbed to media blackmail by a section of the Country. It will not have any practical value because even before the declaration they are being fought and treated as terrorists.”

“So, it’s just a nomenclature which I believe will not change the dynamics on ground. If you can remember IPOB was also declared a terrorist organization, the declaration was even backed by the order of the Court but as you can see even the international community did not recognize FG’s declaration of IPOB. So it has failed to be effective or to achieve the desired results.”

“They have not been banned from travelling to other countries while their citizenship remains intact, it has not been denounced. So what type of declaration is that? 

“I sincerely hope that Nigerians will not take the herdsmen as terrorists but should regard the criminality of the few among them against innocent people as acts of terrorism just as we see IPOB and their attacks on security agencies and other northern citizens as acts of terrorism. Very few herdsmen are bandits if you go through their population.”

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