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Senator Binos losses Mother

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It was a celebration of life well spent when the late Mama Rahap Istifanus Goriki was laid to rest at her residence in Mayo-Belwa LGA of Adamawa State.

Family members, friends and well-wishers trooped to the deceased’s residence to pay their last respect when she was called to glory at the celebrated age of 92.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the interment of the late Mama Rahap Istifanus, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, Senator representing Adamawa Southern Senatorial District, described her as mother due to the significant role she played in his upbringing.

The Senator recalled that when his biological father was going from one community to the other to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ after his mother’s death, Mama Rahap Istifanus was one of the people in his life that took good care of him.

When his biological mother passed away in February 1984, Mama Rahap Istifanus was instrumental in his upbringing and welfare. Hence, he lost a mother who was so dare to his heart.

In his words, “When my mother died in February 1984, my father took me to stay with my uncle because my father was going to villages setting up churches. This old woman that we just buried took care of me as a mother should. So she was practically my mother”.

During the funeral service held at St. Philip’s LCCN Mayo-Belwa LGA, the presiding pastor, who took his text from the book of John 9-4, charged Christians to take advantage of the light in their lives as darkness would come when they would do nothing to help themselves.

He sermoned, “Work while there is time. Night is coming when you won’t work. What are you doing before your night comes? You don’t know when your night will come. While you are still alive, work for the glory of God”.

A cross section of family members, friends and well-wishers who have testimonies on the late Mama Rahap Istifanus, described her peace-loving personality who was dedicated to the service of God.

The late Mama Rahap Istifanus Goriki was born on 30th August 1931 in the family of the late Baba Sonyoba Wanko and the late Mama Vade at Mayo-Sanganare in Mayo-Belwa LGA.

She got married to the late Istifanus Goriki in 1955 and the union was blessed with 11 children, 26 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. She passed away on 29th September 2023 after an ailment she suffered for one year and was committed to mother earth on October 5th, 2023.

The late Mama Rahap Istifanus Goriki accepted Jesus Christ via baptism in the hands of Rev. Linus Ahmadu at LCCN Wagole. She held the position of Treasurer of Women Fellowship LCCN Mayo-Belwa for years during the era of Rev. Linus Ahmadu. May Mama’s soul rest in perfect peace.

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