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Nigeria- A Corruption Free Zone- By Adeola Soetan

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Nigeria is a Corruption Free Zone, if Tinubu and Atiku (Ibeji Oran) are not corrupt as their blind fanatical supporters like to claim. Because no court has indicted them despite their primitive accumulation of public wealth and property, in spite of not publicly declaring their assets to justify their stupendous wealth. Public morality deserves this and no constitution forbids any public officers especially the elected ones (ex & incumbent)

Then it means that Babangida & Abacha were not corrupt since there’s no court judgment against them despite IBB’s regime’s squandering of $12bn oil windfall with other looting, and despite Abacha’s Naira Rain even in death from his “oceanic” looting of public fund.

Why then did you always vilify Obasanjo and Jonathan as corrupt since no court indicted them? Not even EFCC under Baba Seriki Integrity who threatened fire & brimstone against them for being corrupt, has invited them for once, even if just for dinner and photo session.

Citizens know that all these multi billionaire leaders and many more are very corrupt and they are responsible for their economic woes over the years and now.. By their primitive accumulation of wealth and “miraculous richness” and spending yafun yafun like Mansa Musa, we know them Ask them to publicly declare assets and income, their defenders go crazy.

Waiting for court to tell you that your “visibly corrupt,t” leaders that you know are corrupt, before you believe it, is like waiting for the court to indict you that you were involved in premarital affair before you got married or that you have cheated on your spouse when you were sexually active or now in your marital life. That’s interesting.

Like corrupt politicians and their blind defenders, everybody denies premarital or extramarital affairs, yet short time hotels continue to blossom, quickie in offices, prayer centres, parties, inside bushes or inside vehicles continue to increase unabated. Well done.

Let’s kuku declare Nigeria a Corruption Free Zone Country despite being a Republic of Rogues and their criminal enablers. Hallelujah!
Happy Sunday.

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