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How Can North Korea Maintain A Bigger Army Than France Without Going Bankrupt?- By Anthony Dagostino

Have you ever actually seen pictures of nkorean soldiers?

I am not talking about the lucky soldiers that get the good duties like the DMZ or the clowns that march in parades for fat head Kim. I am talking about the poorly trained, poorly equipped, and poorly supplied soldiers that you rarely ever see on camera.

They are so poor, many have to eat dirt, literally! They will eat grass, bark and of course rodents if they get lucky. They are generally emaciated do bad, they look like victims of nazi death camps.

These men are treated horribly by their government.

A few years back, one soldier made a break for the border, and after being shot by his own military as he crawled into the south, he was saved because he was shot. The surgeons found such a bad infestation of parasites, and he was so emaciated, he would likely have died in a short amount of time, had they not found and removed all the worms and other critters living inside his hollow body.

This is how they have such large numbers of soldiers, but the majority couldn’t fight more than a few days without likely dying of exhaustion. It’s probably better to eat a bullet on day one of any conflict with the south or worse, America.

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