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Which Celebrity Died In A Totally Silly Way That Could Have Easily Been Avoided?- By Amy Bonds

Jack Daniel takes the cake for me. The entire thing could have been stopped by a smidgen of common sense at any point.

He couldn’t remember the combination to his safe, so rather than look it up or call a locksmith, he hauled off and kicked the thing. Now we aren’t talking about a little fire safe for documents; this was a waist high iron money safe.

As seems obvious, he didn’t get the safe to open that way, but he did break his toe. Rather than get it looked at, he “toughed it out” (I really wonder how much of his product he drank to do so). When it started swelling with infection, he continued to ignore it. When the tissue started dying and he developed gangrene, he ignored it. Gangrene kills, of course, unless the dead tissue is amputated, which he didn’t have done.

A visit to the doctor at almost any point could have saved him. Instead, he died from a temper tantrum.

Amy Bonds is a former forensic scientist

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