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How Can We End Corruption In Nigeria?- By Victor Dirikebamor

Nigeria’s economy at present runs on corruption. And those who are hugely invested are making sure things remain as it is or deteriorate below this level.

The way Nigerians complain about their leaders, one would wonder if we’re being governed by Aliens.

The leaders we’re complaining about today were once youths and they did exactly what the youths are doing today, complaining and promising to do better when elected, but that rarely happens.

Someone once said Nigeria is a classless society. That what corrupt politicians do at the top is what you’re going to experience from ordinary Nigerians on the streets.

For people to end a thing, they would have to hate it. Corruption has become a way of life here.

Nigerians have a history of electing vagabonds as leaders only to fast and pray for God to touch their hearts to govern right.

Then we learn our lessons by voting the same corrupt man for a second term, after which they become political godfathers, single-handedly presenting the next lapdog to take over from him.

Sometimes one wonders if Nigerians have suffered enough at all as we end up making the same mistakes decade after decade.

The average Nigerian only hates corruption when he’s not benefiting from it.

We don’t like waiting. We want to achieve all we want right now and it doesn’t matter whose head we step on, and which laws we break to get there.

With this lifestyle, it would be difficult to turn back the hands on this sinking ship.

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