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CSU : Bola A Tinubu did not graduate?

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The documents from the deposition showed that the Bola A. Tinubu on file, did not graduate from the Chicago State University in 1979.

Dr. Alex Adum-ter, a former Benue State Attorney-General weighs into the certificate forgery saga.

According to him, admission is one thing, attendance and graduation are two other totally different things.

But what does the evidence say?

June 7, 1979 – the student was notified that she had an outstanding course to write before qualifying for the degree award.

The course was English 222 because, if you recall, there was no English in the oluwole GCE certificate that was submitted pre-admission.

Surprisingly, on June 22, 1979 (20 days later), a graduate certificate was manufactured.

Watch the video and Listen to Dr. Alex Adum-ter,

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