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Yoruba Day holds in Ibadan

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Prominent sons and daughters of Yorubaland have converged on the ancient city of Ibadan for the Yoruba Unity celebration.

They charged the federal government to enact viable policies that would guarantee food sufficiency, unity and the development of the local talent industry.

The Yoruba’s with their rich socio-cultural heritage remain one of the most admired tribes in Nigeria, Africa and beyond but fragile peace and lack of cohesion among its ethnic stock have overtime impeded its growth and development.

At this gathering in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital are notable sons and daughters of Yorubaland who are meeting in commemoration of this year’s Yoruba National day celebration.

The day is meant to foster peace and harmonious coexistence among the Yoruba people.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Peace and unity in Yorubaland” and leaders here are of the opinion that the Yoruba must retake its position as the drivers of national development as well as play a pivotal role in reawakening the pan-African spirit of brotherhood and nation building.

Participants at the Yoruba Day celebration here while advocating National unity also say the interest of the nation must be a top priority for all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, creed, religion and ethnicity.


OPEOLUWA GEORGE -AKINOLA (Organizer,Yoruba National Day Celebration Ibadan)

EMMANUEL APATA (Dande Group Ekiti State Chapter)

BASHORUN KUNLE ADESOKAN (Federation of Yoruba Consciousness and Culture)

ABDULFATAI BOLAJI, (Baale Onireke of Ibadan)

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