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What do you want to do with Tinubu’s past? @VivaDido

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If Tinubu had committed a crime in the past in the US, do you think the US wouldn’t have prosecuted him?

Again, if he committed a crime in the US and had been prosecuted there, meaning he had paid for his crime; would that stop him from being the President now?

Does your constitution prohibit a citizen who had served the punishment of his crime committed over 20years ago from contesting in any elective position? If yes, kindly share the section of the constitution with me. If no, what’s the talk with FBI reports?

The ultimate crime is murder, I believe Tinubu hadn’t committed any murder. If he had, the US would have used the law against him.

Let Tinubu’s past remain in the past.
It is time you guys wake up to reality and accept him as your President.

Stop looking for one scandal or the other just to tarnish his image every week.

Election is over, we need decent opposition with reasonable criticisms. PDP need to arise and displace the emotion-ladened wailers from the political space.

Pastors and Imams, it is time you call your members to order because I don’t see any reason for this their daily ranting about Tinubu’s past.

As long as his past would not interfere in anyway with the Supreme court judgment, you guys should let him be.

Everyone has a past.

Let President Tinubu breathe.

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