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Tinubu continues to prove Peter Obi right – Nefertiti


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Tinubu will continue to prove Peter Obi & the Obidients right, everyday. He showed them all the signs of failure, but they ignored it because of a Muslim Muslim ticket. He did not even attend a single debate. He went to Kano & told them he just wanna dance. 😂

The few times he opened his mouth, he said absolute rubbish. But sycophants couldn’t help themselves, they kept on clapping. He came 3rd, behind Peter Obi & Atiku, but INEC had other ideas. Tomorrow, bigots will amplify religion & tribe, again & again!

They don’t love Nigeria, never did! They love their religion & tribe, plus the corruption. The funny part is, bigots are aware of what they are doing. Theirs is the pursuit of “collective punishment.” Given another chance, they’ll vote for their religion & tribe.

Let’s calm it all the way down, bigotry knows what he is doing. He just wanna renew your collective shege; make your lives miserable. Look at them, they have their bank accounts plastered all over the social media.

Those who are down already, they fear no fall. I may excuse them this time because Tinubu did not win, INEC wrote the results, & told all of us to go to court! They want all of us to eat sand, they want to finish Nigeria patapata, but our God pass them!!!

APC cannot deliver Nigeria from the APC. You won’t hear the “accidental patriots” talk about these things. But the moment the certificate forger steps in or out of the villa, they start to celebrate. But we saw all the leadership by jpegs & 4K videos.

We saw all of these shenanigans before. Buhari did worse than this. Buharists sang the “Sai Baba” unholy chants, until they could sing no more! They don’t even know what leadership is about. It is never about Nigeria, it’s always about their pockets.

Nigeria is not the life we imagined for ourselves. For most people, being born a Nigerian, life already led you 10 – nil. The combined efforts of Wale Edun & Yemi Cardoso cannot stabilize the yoying Naira? Humor me, what type of sick joke is that?

The dollar is rising like ijebu garri, but “Saul will come before David.” If I give you $1000, you’ve become a Naira millionaire, with change for asun. Maraba Santaraba, “whether the IMF likes it or not, the Naira must rise again.” #ArrestingTheArrester

May this government favor me & my family.

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