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Shroud Of Secrecy – Umar Sani

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This evening a notification for the hearing of the petitions of Messrs Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi surfaced on social media.

Upon sighting the notification and reading its content one can conveniently conclude that the CJN is playing a game of hide and seek which is gradually being adopted by the apex court whenever its activities are meant to be shrouded in secrecy. In 2019 the same system was adopted and the justices were not known until the last moment. The difference is that in 2019 there was no hearing while this year hearing has been scheduled. Perhaps the reason is not far-fetched, they have to hear a motion for the presentation and adoption of new evidence.

The information that was rumored to have emanated from the CJN is that he had directed the appellate courts to dispense their outstanding cases to enable the courts to close all matters relating to petitions. According to Intel, he is jittery about the FBI files that are expected to start coming out by next week which might throw a wrench in their works.

My premonition is that of uncertainty. The outcome appears to be predetermined as the process is being fast-tracked to commence from the answer to the question. However, it is twisted that may justice prevail.

BREAKING: The CJN after the noise on Social Media has finally decided to publish the lists of Jurists that will hear and determine the petition before them :

The list of members of the panel to sit on the appeals includes; justices
1. Musa Dattijo Moh’d

2. Uwani Musa Abba Aji,

3. Lawal M Garba,

4 . Helen M. Ogunwumiju,

5. I.N. Saulawa,

6.Tijjani Abubakar

7.Emmanuel Agim.

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