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Tribalism Is Tinubu’s Supporters Last Card Which Has Already Failed – By @brotherbarth

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Tribalism Is Tinubu’s Supporters Last Card Which Has Already Failed – @brotherbarth

1. Tribalism is the only card left in the hands of Tinubu’s supporters game plan. Nothing else, as all lies have been exposed. That too has failed.

2. The harder they push the narrative, the flatter it falls.

3. A few of them raking in millions and billions in incentives continue to deceive some gullible others to be making enemies with people in the name of tribalism that is inexistent.

4. How can any sane individual say that the reason people reject a man that has presented different dates of birth, lied about the primary, the secondary and the tertiary schools he attended, is because of ethnic hatred?

5. How does any person not sick in the head, or terribly corrupt in morals seek to justify the argument that there’s nothing wrong in allowing a man with records of involvement in narcotics to remain the President of the most populous country on the African continent, and who came to power through an election most Nigerians believe he didn’t win, and go on to accuse those that kick against it of tribalism?

6. What sense is there in according recognition of a being sound in mind to a set of people who are comfortable looking away from the established facts and truth that a man who forged a University Certificate and submitted same to INEC, continue to propagate baseless propaganda that those saying he must be disqualified hate him in accordance with the Constitution do so because they hate him out of tribalism?

7. There is nothing wrong for one to act stupidly unknowingly once, but something is most definitely wrong with those that make stupidity their way of life, and really think that people will ever take them seriously.

8. I am not sure what sentiments to extend to this set of people;
i. Pity?
ii. Sympathy?
iii. Sorry?

9. Please tell me, if you know!

10. Let everyone of them know this and know peace: nothing that can stop the disqualification of Mr. BOLA Ahmed Tinubu at the Supreme Court. It doesn’t even make sense contemplating that he will escape it, for that will be an irredeemable insult to the intelligence of their Lordships, the Justices of the Supreme Court. No one who rose in learning formation and experience to become a Judge at the Supreme Court can be that stupid. It is naturally impossible!

11. Let’s be going first.

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