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Tinubu’s history at U.S Illinois Court- Jackson Ude

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The name Bola Tinubu is not new at the U.S District Court, Northern District of Illinois.

They know that name. They had prosecuted that name in July 1993 when Kevin Moss, a Special Agent with the United States Internal Revenue Service, criminal investigation division took Bola Tinubu, Adegboyega Mueez Akande and Abiodun Agbele to that same court, charging them for Narcotic crimes.

It was the same Court Bola Tinubu was asking Judge Jeffrey Gilbert and Judge Nancy Maldonado to shield him from being exposed as a certificate forger.

It took Judge Maldonado a few clicks on the Court’s records to figure out that in 1993, that same name had featured prominently for drug crimes.

Convinced that it is the same man, the Judge wasted no time to reject Tinubu’s appeal and ordered Chicago State University to comply with Judge Jeffrey Gilbert’s earlier ruling for CSU to release Tinubu’s certificate.

Only a career criminal would be so bold to return to a court he had been indicted and made to forfeit $460k for drug crimes, to claim innocence and be seeking for protection, pleading “irreparable damages.”

It was in that same court where his accomplices: Adegboyega Mueez Akande now late and Abiodun Agbele, were found guilty for drug crimes and sentenced to Jail.

During the prosecution and trials of Akande and Agbele, Tinubu had escaped to Nigeria and was rather dealing with the FBI via phone. It was through the phone that he negotiated and accepted forfeiture of the $460k.

If he had showed up in the U.S while the trials of his colleagues were on, he would have been jailed like others.

Today, he now claims he was never convicted or jailed for the drug crimes.

Glad that both Judges Gilbert and Maldonado went to the archives to dig out his 1993 records to see that the same man who was a ring leader of a drug cartel in Chicago, has now stolen elections in Nigeria to emerge as President and back to the same court he was prosecuted for drug crimes, seeking protection!


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