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Tinubu Earns Nigerians Stigma Of Common Forgers – By @brotherbath on X

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1. If Tinubu is not disqualified; I mean if Nigerians do  not cause Tinubu to be disqualified after this @atiku vs @ChicagoState forgery embarrassment, then Nigerians must be ready to live with the stigma of ‘common forgers’ all over the word going forward.

2. CSU tells the court that it is a ‘Nigerians thing’ to forge.

3. How can one man bring so much shame and disgrace up over 200m people, and still be allowed to continue as a leader?

4. That will be anathema!

5. Nigerians! Rise and end this nonsense, or be ready to accept anything going forward.

6. This has nothing to do with tribe, religion or any other nepotistic reason /sentiment. This is about saving whatever image is left of Nigeria.

7. Truth is that Nigerians inability to cause the disqualification of Tinubu will be outlandishly far more shameful and embarrassing than the international disgrace Tinubu has caused Nigerians and Nigeria buy his many forgeries particularly with this Atiku vs CSU case in the District Court of Illinois in Chicago USA.

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