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It’s a Nigerian thing- A Nation cannot face a bigger humiliation than this- By Jeff George

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Lol, it is a Nigerian thing? Leaves me in shock!

Many individuals who have had the opportunity to travel abroad and engage with foreigners, particularly those from Western countries, often confront a subtle yet pervasive stereotype.

When you reveal that you originate from Nigeria, it’s almost inevitable that certain preconceived notions come into play.

While some of us are deeply committed to exemplifying the highest standards of citizenship and personal integrity, the presence of figures like Tinubu casts a long shadow.

The problem arises when you attempt to proudly declare your Nigerian identity while grappling with the revelation that our president has been indisputably caught red-handed, tampering with his academic records.

A man who entered went to his college as a Female but ended up coming out as a Male.

The perplexing matter of the president’s birthdate, with three conflicting dates of birth, only adds to the mystique.

The question then arises: How can the Judiciary, the institution tasked with upholding justice and fairness, confidently assert that this individual should hold the highest office in our nation?

The stereotypes associated with being Nigerian while abroad will undoubtedly be magnified by the tarnished reputation that Tinubu has inflicted upon us.

I stated this yesterday, and I reiterate it today: If the Supreme Court imposes Tinubu upon us, the onus squarely rests on our shoulders.

We should not adopt a complacent stance if they appear to be comfortable with the disgrace that Tinubu’s actions have brought upon Nigeria.

This responsibility lies within the collective consciousness of the nation, a call for introspection and act to safeguard our national pride, if we have any at all.

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