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Tinubu continues to exploit religious bigotry, tribalism and thuggery as political tools

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By @brotherbarth




1. The Muslim-Muslim ticket was purposed to deceive the vulnerable and wrongly informed northerners. Everyone is aware how clerics were bribed to use religion to deceive the people on how to vote

2. In the south, headquartered at Lagos, tribalism was nurtured and promoted as a way to garner votes from the SW knowing it was impossible to rake in meaningful votes from the SS and SW.

3. Knowing that BVAS/iRev technology will curtail rigging, thuggery was deployed to intimidate and keep many voters that were suspected to vote against him from casting their votes at all. Threats were made and lived out. Police said it was a joke.

4. In that desperation a Yoruba son of the soil and a Governorship candidate was calumnised with unbelievable crude and derogatory utterances and statements.

5. All these were pepertuated because his promoters knew he had no chance at the polls. And just as the polling continued and the figures rolling in showed he was doing abysmally, technical glitch was manufactured so that numbers alien to actual figures could be announced, and that, was exactly what happened.

6. Now, with controversial Presidency, efforts in fooling some Yoruba population continue in order to retain support from SW knowing that that is the only possible region that bigots could be procured who would extend blind support to him despite the many baggage and non-popularity. This is seen in the appointments lopsided to the benefit of the Yorubas, especially the ‘Lagos Boys’.

7. As at this moment, many days after he left the UN summit, Tinubu hasn’t returned to the country, yet no official information in his whereabout. Nevertheless, he’s actively making every effort from where ever he is to keep appealing to the District Court of Illinois to prevent the exposing of his secret at CSU that has the potential for cause him severe and irreparable harm.

8. With all these, some men and women suckled with human milk are supporting this abnormal anomaly. Unbelievable!

9. Money! Money! How do you make man turn against his God?

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