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Summary of NADECO Press Conference in US

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1. CSU needs to state who issued the diploma and where did Mr. Tinubu obtain the diploma from?

2. Did Bola A. Tinubu eventually complete those 15 credit hours, and if he did, when did he take them?

3. CSU clarification on the differences in social security number and gender on the academic records

4. That Chicago State University (CSU) should explain why Tinubu has two Social Security numbers.

5. The BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF Chicago State University (CSU) should thoroughly investigate the bizarre circumstances regarding the issues raised above.

6.That the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS, (FBI) should also initiate an investigation regarding the same concerns raised above

7. We would also like a clarification from the FBI about a letter making the rounds that purports to have been issued by the FBI in response to Nigeria’s Economic And Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) inquiry as to whether Mr. Tinubu attended Chicago State University (CSU). According to the letter from the FBI office, Mr. Tinubu did neither attend nor graduate from CSU

8.NADECO USA would like the FBI to find out if Mr. Tinubu had in the past several years made any donations to Chicago Stste University (CSU) directly or through third parties.

9: NADECO USA would also like the FBI and the Social Security Administration to determine how a Social Security number belonging to another person began to be used by Mr. Tinubu.

10: Who actually owns the Social Security number, 231-06-0595, written on the transcripts that the Chicago State University registrar used as an exhibit that was attached to the deposition given under oath?

11. We, as citizens of Nigeria from all over the world, are asking and requesting the United States University Accreditation Body and Chicago State University Board of Trustee to look into this matter in order to clear the good reputation of Chicago State University (CSU)

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