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Letter to Ben Murray-Bruce

by DReporters
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Sir @benmurraybruce this is an example of what elderly wisdom and analysis should look like.

Sir, as I cannot reduce your age to match the wisdom in and the quality of the common sense you have been churning out lately I am left with no other choice but to point you to the quality of wisdom required of you.

Sir, you even made a video to double down on those rhetorics, pointing blind accusatory fingers at the people. People who are and have been at the mercy of people like you all of their lives.

I am having to make up my mind about you Sir. With your history and the presentation of your recent pathology, I am seeing just two possible diagnoses.

One that you are devilishly wicked and two that you are bovine.

Sir, I have for now chosen to go with the latter, that you are just simply slow.

So Sir, let me break it down for you yet again.

For a currency such as Naira to be strong or gain strength it must be sponsored by an economy that has a growing net position export value.

It also must be backed by an economy that is more self sustained or self reliant than otherwise.

In further and simpler terms, the people of this country must produce so locally made goods covering several areas/industries, such produce must also be of exportable quality.

And also importantly the end price of such products must be cheaper or more affordable than and as good as the imported alternatives.

Therefore Sir, it is known that for the above to happen there must be policies, laws and incentives and oversight.

But the reality Sir, is that none of the above will/can happen for as long as Nigeria is entrenched, by people like you, in ineptitude, corruption, nepotism, lack of character, lack of will and visionless lack of accountability.

The on ground and physical consequence of the above paragraph is lack of electricity, lack of good roads, lack of transparent working credit system and insecurity.

If you must therefore speak Sir, on the issue of the Naira then you must speak to these issues. And you must start by calling your colleagues to order.

You have to stop your over simplistic and demeaning approach to this matter Sir.

Stop insulting the collective patience and intelligence of all well-meaning citizens of Nigeria.

This is a cease and desist hail from us to you.

The tweet thread quoted is for your continuing education Sir, your lack of substance as regards the matter is disgraceful.

Thank you.

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