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FBI less likely to release Tinubu files

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From my research findings, the release of documents by the FBI or any government agency is subject to legal and political considerations, as well as international relations.

In the United States, the release of documents by the FBI or any other government agency is governed by laws such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

When it comes to documents concerning the past activities of a President of another country who grew up in the United States, the decision to release such documents would depend on various factors. It would involve considerations of national security, diplomatic relations between the countries involved, and any legal or policy agreements in place. Additionally, there may be bilateral or multilateral agreements that govern the sharing of intelligence or sensitive information between countries.

The release of such documents would involve coordination between relevant government agencies, including the FBI, the Department of State, the intelligence community, and potentially other entities depending on the specific circumstances. These agencies would assess the potential impact of releasing the documents on national security, diplomatic relations, and other relevant considerations.

The US government would carefully evaluate the legal, political, and diplomatic implications of disclosing sensitive information about a foreign President.

The decision-making process would likely involve discussions and consultations among various departments and agencies, and it would be influenced by factors such as the nature of the information, the relationship between the countries involved, and any existing agreements or protocols for information sharing.

Ultimately, the decision to release such documents would be made at the highest levels of the US government, taking into account a range of factors and considerations to ensure that it aligns with national interests and obligations.

As the head of the executive branch of the US government, the President plays a critical role in shaping policy decisions, including matters of national security, diplomacy, and intelligence sharing.

The release of sensitive documents involving a foreign President would have significant implications, and it would be expected that the President would be briefed and involved in the decision.

The US President would receive recommendations and advice from relevant government agencies and he would consider the legal, political, diplomatic, and national security implications of releasing the documents.

The decision would be made in consultation with advisors, legal counsel, and other stakeholders to ensure that it aligns with the overall interests and objectives of the United States.


How likely would the FBI be releasing incriminating details about President Tinubu?

Less likely.
Based on my research, I don’t see it happening.

Let’s agree to disagree, and disagree to agree without insults.

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