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You Know Why Russian Army Tanks Are Easily Destroyed By Ukraine?- By Eric Wicklund

Do You Know Why Russian Army Tanks Are Easily Destroyed By Ukraine?- By Eric Wicklund

Many answers have already pointed out the use of various ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles), and that is a big reason for Ukraine’s success against Russian tanks.


But there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And just to mix metaphors, Ukraine has proven smarter than the average Bear.

By far, the best way to kill a tank, is by shooting one of these.

But, that’s not a tank! You say. I know. Tanks need a lot of fuel, lots and lots of it. Without it, a tank can’t move, can’t rotate its turret, can’t fire its gun. It’s useless. Additionally, you can fire at supply trucks, preferably the ones loaded with ammunition. The explosions are really rather enjoyable. But shooting at food trucks so the crews go hungry is also useful.

Have you wondered why thousands of ATGMs have been sent to Ukraine, but only hundreds of tanks have been destroyed? Well, that’s because Ukrainian troops were also shooting at supply columns. Overkill, I’ll grant you, but killing one fuel truck is as good as killing ten tanks. A lot more bang for your buck, so to speak.

During this war, an unprecedented number of Russian tanks have been captured, many because the tanks were simply abandoned. According to Oryx, half of Russian tank losses were because of capture or abandonment.

Why would Russians abandon them? Are they cowards? Maybe some are, but some have just seen their buddies go up in fire and smoke.

They know their friends died by incoming ATGMs. If they continue sitting in a stricken tank, unable to move nor even defend itself, it makes no sense whatsoever to stay inside of it. It is a steel coffin. The smart Russians ran for their lives.

This just proves how Ukraine is far smarter than any of Russia’s previous opponents. Don’t hit an enemy where they are strongest, hit ’em where they are weakest. As great as the weapons are that the West is sending, it’s the way Ukraine is using them that has made the biggest difference.

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