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QUESTIONS – What Did You Wish You Had Known When You Were Younger?- By Chris Freyler

QUESTIONS – What Did You Wish You Had Known When You Were Younger?- By Chris Freyler

Marriage: That marriage you are trying to save? Yea, that one, isn’t worth it. Go your separate ways and find happiness outside of relationships.

Fast food: The processed food you are putting in your body, will catch up to you. Nourish your soul, life is longer than you think.

Health: Make time for exercise. I know you feel like you are indestructible, but you aren’t. Time has a way of catching up to you. And if you don’t use your time wisely, you will know.

Relationships: If you weren’t married by 30, then you’ve probably experienced some brutal asshole thats taken advantage of your kindness(unless you’re that asshole). Learn from that asshole, accept the lesson and grow. Stop ruminating.

Clock: Father Time doesn’t stop. We keep aging. The Botox, hair dye, plastic surgery, or whatever you “invest” in to stop the clock, won’t work. Happiness doesn’t come from looks, it comes from what’s inside.

Self Awareness: As you age, you gain life experience. And with life experience, come lessons, if you pay attention. Pay attention to the lessons, don’t try and escape them.

Alcohol: It won’t make you prettier, more confident, more likable, or more accepted. But it will result in bad judgement and choices.

Choices: The choices you make in your 30’s will greatly effect your life in your 40’s. And when you’re in your 40’s looking back, you will see stupid choices. Choose wisely.

Tomorrow: Quit saying you will make a change tomorrow. Today is your tomorrow. Please believe that.

Friends: They will come and go, pay attention. Know the difference between friends and acquaintances.

Life Happens: Yep, it does. And it sure as shit isn’t always fair. Roll with the punches and make your 50’s a time you don’t have to ask about your 40’s.

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