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What Crime Did You Commit And Got Away With?- By Amy Dakin

What Crime Did You Commit And Got Away With?- By Amy Dakin

When I was pretty young (maybe I was around 5?) I stole something while on a shopping trip with my mum.

Before anyone suggests that I was too young to be a proper criminal, believe me, I knew I was doing something wrong. I didn’t quite know how wrong, but I knew it was something I shouldn’t do.

I was standing in the line of Sainsbury’s – which is a grocery store chain in the UK. Must have been around Easter time, because there was a stand displaying a number of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

I asked my mum if we could get one… she said no.

So I swiped two of them.

Small grabby hand shoved them into my pocket; one for me, one for my older brother who was at home (I said I was a little criminal, I didn’t say I was amoral). And with that done, we walked out of the shop.

Unfortunately I was still in a booster seat back then, obviously, and when my mum reached over to put my seat belt on, she felt the bulging pocket… and discovered my loot. After issuing a quick threat of taking me to the police station, she took them back into the shop, where the cashier actually told her that she could keep them, and that it was all okay.

I learnt years later that she did indeed keep them… and that she and my dad had one each with a cup of tea that evening. I wonder if they tasted better, knowing their daughter had nicked them from Sainsbury’s.

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