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Mutfwang resorts to self-help as hired thugs take over state Assembly Complex

By Sunday Adams

by DReporters
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The crisis at the Plateau State House of Assembly has taken a different dimension as thugs suspected to be hired by the Plateau State government have taken over the security of the Assembly complex.

On-the-spot reports indicate that the thugs have pushed the police and the Assembly security outside the complex and have now taken over functions such as manning the gates as well as screening and clearing staff and guests to the complex.
The desperation is believed to be to prevent the 16 members-elect who were declared by the courts from gaining access to the Assembly to assume office since the 16 PDP members sacked by the courts have once again lost their bid to get the judgment reviewed.

Sources say that the thugs have been specifically instructed to allow only the eight members who were recognized by the Speaker, Gabriel Dewan into the Assembly.
The use of thugs to man the Assembly complex is however seen as an assault on democracy and one that violates the sanctity of the hallowed chambers of the legislature which is supposed to be run on the principles of the rule of law.

A staff of the Assembly who asked not to be named said what the state government is doing is illegal as it is making the environment hostile for them to carry out their work.
“You can imagine coming to work and you’re been screened by thugs who smell of Indian hemp and other drugs, once you go inside, you’re in fear because you don’t know what next they will do.”
Another lady who says she has been working at the complex for over 15 years, said she had never experienced that type of situation.
“I came to work this morning only for me to see thugs all over the place and when I showed them my ID card, they insisted on searching me and they were touching parts of my body I did not like all in the name of conducting searches ”
National Working Committee (NWC) had called on the Governor to respect the court order and allow the reinstatement of the 16 APC members who won their cases.
National Vice Chairman of the APC (South West), Isaac Kekemeke, on behalf of the NWC, said the party will ensure the enforcement of the decision of the Court of Appeal, being the last court for the election.
He said, “It is sad that the governor of Plateau who is enjoying his office by the constitution of this country in an election will want to deny 16 members of the fruit of their electoral work and to deny our party the success that they won for the people. This is a disgrace to democracy and its unacceptable behaviour.
“The National Working Committee expresses its outrage and displeasure over this continued illegality and this unacceptable arbitrage by the Governor of Plateau State, the Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly and by the PDP in Plateau State.”
The NEC stated that the ruling party will no longer allow the ‘legislative rascality’ of the Speaker to go unchallenged, stressing with an air of finality that “enough is enough” and called on the Attorney General of the Federation, the Inspection General of Police and all other law enforcement agencies to enforce the final decision of the Court of Appeal, being the last court concerning this election.
The PDP lost 16 members of the state House of Assembly via an appeal court judgement which declared that the party on which platform they had contested elections had no structure in the state to sponsor them and ordered the INEC to issue certificates of return to the 15 APC and one Labour Party candidates that participated in the election.
INEC has since complied with the directive and issued the 15 APC and one Labour Party candidates certificates of return but the state governor has been using the Speaker of the House to delay their inauguration so that they would not meet the minimum number of sittings in a legislative year.
But more people have joined in condemning the action of the Governor saying it is not only dictatorial but a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

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