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If I die, hold Tinubu responsible – Hundeyin

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David Hundeyin, a Nigerian investigative journalist and fugitive has claimed that the Nigerian government was after his life for exposing some confidential information.

In a video online, he claimed that he would be killed if he returned to the country.

Hundeyin also claimed that the Nigerian government wrote a letter to the Ghanaian authority demanding his repatriation after he exposed an “internal communication within the Nigerian military ordering mobilisation of troops to Sokoto in preparation for operations in the Niger Republic.”

He alleged that a jet was sent to bring him back to Nigeria but he had already fled Ghana at that time.

He made the claims in a recent podcast interview, The REN Experience.

Hundeyin said, “I have written high-risk stories that I can’t think of any Nigerian journalist alive or dead who has attempted… Okay, maybe Dele Giwa. And he paid for it with his life. He got a letter bomb and he died. And that was one such story. I have done several.

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