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Governor Fintiri commends citizens on Nigeria’s 63rd independence day celebration

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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has sent greetings to Nigerians across the world as the country celebrates Independence Day.

He said “Statehood gave Nigeria a historical opportunity to get rid of colonial oppression, to make independent decisions regarding the country’s destiny and to create a confident future for the nation.”

63 years after gaining Independence, the Governor commended citizens for their peaceful coexistence and resilience in the face of current socio-economic challenges.

Adamawa state according to Rt. Hon. Fintiri, with its rich diversity and creative citizens, has continued to inspire the rest of the nation and indeed the African continent.

The Governor acknowledges the efforts of the people in maintaining peace and unity, which are essential for the progress and development of the nation.

Despite the current socio-economic problems, the Governor urges citizens to remain hopeful and steadfast in their commitment to building a better future.

He assures the citizens that the government is working to address these challenges and create an enabling environment for growth and prosperity.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone in our nation’s 63 years of independence, I call on all Nigerians to reflect on our shared values and work towards a more united and prosperous nation.”

He expressed his gratitude to the people of Adamawa State for their contributions to the growth and development of the state and the nation at large.

Governor Fintiri wished the citizens of Adamawa state and all Nigerians a joyous and memorable Independence Day celebration, filled with hope, unity, and renewed commitment to the progress of the nation.

The Governor noted that Nigeria will be as great as its people make it. He challenged Nigerians to make the day of freedom a day of dedication.

“I ask you to dedicate yourselves to the memory of those who have gone before us and to those who must follow us. I ask you to resolve to put aside all selfish desires and to strain every ounce of muscle and brain to building a nation which shall honour our dead, inspire our living and prove a proud heritage for those who are yet to come.”

Humwashi Wonosikou
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor.

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