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Why I hate my late son’s wife – Mohbad’s Father

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Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer, Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad says he hates Omowunmi, his late son’s wife.

The man said he believes that she cast a spell on his son, which did not let him take care of him.

Mohbad’s father revealed this at a Lagos State coroner court and explained in an audio tape that has gone viral that his son preferred to lavish money on his in-laws than on him, due to alleged magical powers Omowunmi used on him.

He also alleged that the lady was having extramarital affairs with other men in Marlian’s house when his son was alive.

I’m a carpenter and people used to give me a job to build houses for them. But, my son didn’t see me that way. He preferred to give (money) to his in-laws,” he said.

He said all that happened was beyond natural and that is the reason why he hated her.

“And I made mention of something three days ago in the court, that whenever this girl wanted to go and f*ck around, she would add something into indomie (noodles) to cook for my son to sleep off.

“And from there, she would enter another man’s room to f*ck in that Marlian House.”

He revealed he got to know this when the girlfriend of the man he was sleeping with caught her and told Mohbad, and he told him before his demise.

“It was later that the girlfriend of that person she was seeing met her there. That was the person that revealed the secret to Moh, and Moh told me,” he added.

Mohbad allegedly died of ear infection on September 12, 2023, at the age of 27, and his death has since then sparked controversies.

His former boss and popular musician, Azeez Fashola, with the stage name Naira Marley has been in custody over the matter alongside others fingered in his death.

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