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VIDEO: Kuriga Students Reunite with Family

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The Kuriga Abducted school children have finally been reunited with their families.

It was a low key event at the government house Kaduna State.

The in-house media team of the government house covered it and the video was sent to the government house correspondents group.

The question being asked by some is, what is the government trying to hide, why are they blocking Journalists from having access to these children and their parents.


We are grateful to Allah. When this incident happened, the Governor went to Kuriga to sympathise with families of the victims.
Adding that these kidnapped students are his children.

He promised to do everything within his power, collaborate with the FG & security agencies to ensure the children are released.
Now the Governor has fulfilled his promise.

The governor wishes to be here at the moment but he’s unavoidably absent.

But he will be back to bid you all farewell.
Godwilling, your children will join you, tomorrow


God bless you. May God assist the government. God bless you.

Apologies for my husky voice. It became hoarse from excitement, because I’d been in tears.

No doubt we are all happy. We thank Allah who has blessed us. We are thankful to the Governor for his effort on the children.
May Allah protect him and his government. I pray the governor will support through to the university. Amin

I’m Suleiman Lawal from Kuriga.
We had the misfortune of being abducted into the forests.
And God has made our rescue possible. We got rehabilitated and got medication.
We are grateful for the assistance given to us.
Coming here reinforces my aspiration to ensure I complete my education.


I’m Aisha Mohammed. We are thankful to the government. And our parents – parents of the orphans who assured us.
May God protect them all. May God grant our wishes. Amen

We never knew we were this important until we saw the Governor intervened.
May this be the very last mass abduction of pupils.

I’m Dahiru Abdullahi, a resident of Kuriga.
I’m thankful to Allah for showing us a day like this.
Since Jibril Gwadabe sent a voice note to the village head of Kuriga saying the children have been rescued and they’re almost in Kaduna. We came out and informed their parents.
Parents have been excited as if they had seen them already. The joy was overwhelming.

Then the Governor also distributed palliatives. We thank the president, Bola Tinubu. The Governor, our security agencies, CDS Christopher Musa and the NSA Nuhu Ribadu.
They did a lot. We’ve never had such prompt response, compared to the Chibok abduction, Kagara, Yauri. Our children were returned within 16 days.

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