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US, Nigeria legal systems have no evidence to fault Tinubu

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Better that a guilty man go free due to lack of evidence than to jail an innocent man who doesn’t have enough to prove his innocence.

Here’s a story…

The police get a call. A woman has been beaten and raped. When the police interview her for a description, she says it was dark, so all she knows is the guy was big and muscular, and had a crew cut.

A few houses down, a guy fits that description. He’s got no record, his hands are clean. But people remember him as being a bully when he was a kid. They also remember seeing him argue with the woman earlier in the day. He becomes their person of interest, and there seems to be enough evidence that he’s their guy so they effect the arrest.

The burden of proof HAS TO BE on the state to prove he did it. What would happen if he couldn’t account for his whereabouts with witnesses, and so was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit?


Everyone, when charged with a crime, has a right to a fair and unbiased hearing.

The US and the Nigerian legal systems have not found sufficient evidence to establish the guilt of Bola Tinubu.

While I understand your concerns or reservations about Tinubu having multiple allegations against him, it is essential to recognize that allegations are not equivalent to proven guilt. Jumping to conclusions or forming a negative perception solely based on unproven allegations is unfair and unjust.

Until a prosecutor presents overwhelming evidence proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court and a Judge establishes one’s guilt, the accused would be treated as an innocent person.

So you all should take note.

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