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Nigerians accepting Evil as good – Jibrin Okutepa SAN

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Nigeria cannot develop with the current attitude of almost all Nigerians accepting what is wrong as right. We have imbibed this terrible culture of managing evil and bad behavior as good in Nigeria.

Check all our institutions, there is hardly any that is not tolerant of evil and corruption in those institutions. Many who know what is wrong are afraid of pointing them out.

That is the hypocracy in Nigeria.

Take democracy in Nigeria for instance. Almost all the actors know that there is no democracy in the true sense of the word. We have compromised the institutions. Most of the staff of INEC are completely compromised in the Nigerian ways.

Justice is also compromised.There are many ways Nigerias have compromised justice. In costs justice is compromised. Litigations are too expensive in Nigeria.

Ask anyone involved in election petitions litigation.In one case, a litigant was asked to deposit 22million Naira to compile records of appeal. To get documents to prosecute electoral malfeasances from public institutions is as hard as a camel passing through the eyes of a needle.

Many roadblocks are put on the ways of justice in Nigeria’s electoral jurisprudence. Lawyers too have their fair share of the blame here.

We have many compromises in our justice delivery system that if we are not careful the ripple effects on Nigerian people will be too catastrophic for all of us. The way we have accepted compromised institutions is too dangerous for the survival of our nation.

No nation that lacks good citizens with enforceable set standards can develop.The people manning our institutions must appreciate that whatever evil they planted today or whatever evils they put a stamp of authorities today will germinate to affect all tomorrow.

Nigerians must all rise to build institutions for the good of all tomorrow. We have tolerated so many wrong things in Nigeria. In the judiciary, we must show the light in the legal profession by sound principles that do not lead to the collapse of democracy.

No principle that approves of electoral malfeasances should be propounded.

Democracy is about the people and when the will of the people are circumvented the Judicial institution must not be seen to sanction the desecration of the sovereignty of the people.

It must not approve impunity and impurity as a way of attaining political power in Nigeria.

This is my take. It shall be well with our institutions one day.

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