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From Kweku The Hustler, Commander of the Headless Mob @urchilla01

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While your contemporaries at the same professional level in working countries earn over 5 times what your current salary is, they’re able to purchase brand new vehicles while you have to make do with direct Belgium or naija used cars.

Their brand new vehicles (which they hardly have to use by the way because their cities have very efficient mass transit) run on very clean roads, while you have to navigate 107 potholes, jump 20 deathtraps disguised as speed bumps, and wade through countless muddy waters to get to ad fro.

In 3 months, your suspensions are all worn and torn and due for replacement. You fork out hard-earned money to take care of these things, while your contemporary in a working country does not even know what a bearing looks like yet.

It becomes a vicious cycle. These roads, a very basic dividend of democracy owed to you by the government you pay taxes to, have remained undelivered; yet, every election cycle, you constitute yourself as a famed defender of the very same oppressor because you hope and believe that somehow, some day, you will shout and curse and tribalism your way up the food chain ladder.

The 27 year old FERMA Chairman wasn’t on Twitter or any other social media platform cussing out Obidients. Yet, today, he’s in a position you’ll never find yourself, just by mere fact of being the son of an associate of the illegitimate despot.

What is your own dividend? The faint hope that one day, your cussing and screaming andb tribalism will be enough to get you a perch under the table from whence you can access rotten leftovers when the masters and their relatives are done feasting?

Peter Obi was a billionaire before the election. Peter Obi remains a billionaire after the election. Peter Obi enjoyed love before the elections. He has continued to enjoy even greater love and appreciation after the election.

While you type as many “Peter Obi will never be president” as your 500mb daily data allows you, the criminal you support squanders over $500,000 of your money in luxury hotels in the US with his family and cronies.

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