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Atiku: Born for this fight

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By High Chief Franklin Ekechukwu

In every generation, one person is born to take on the establishment, to fight the impossible.

In every civilized country, you must see that one individual who comes from nowhere to stop atrocities, and the evils that pervert the society.

Go back to history, an individual of great repute will stand up for the common man to fight injustice and oppression.

His Excellency Atiku Abubakar was born for this one singular purpose and he is living it up today, to bring democratic values to its fruition in Nigeria and fight injustice to a stop.

When he stood for the constitutionality of the party to allow Ayu to remain as Chairman.

When he stood to maintain the zoning of the party against all odds while unscrupulous elements were trying to twist the constitution of the party.

Against all gang up, he stood still.

I have always believed that he is the one who will bring Nigeria from the quandary in which it finds itself.

What is going on today is a testament in fulfillment of that belief. Call me folly, I agree.

Make no mistake, the history been written today in Chicago has been written before now, the end is yet to be determined.

Atiku Abubakar was created for now to fight the fight no one else will fight!

Never again will certificate forgers, or candidates who perjure themselves contest an election.

Never again will candidates rig election results to win and stay in power

After this Chicago saga Nigeria will be reborn, make no mistake History is been written.

It is incumbent upon all Nigerians around the world to join him to say enough is enough!

it is now or never, we must help him to clean the rotten eggs in the system

It is a beautiful day, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I am High Chief Franklin Ekechukwu

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