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YAHOO-YAHOO JUDGEMENTS – Deadly poison for values and morality in Nigeria By @brotherbarth

by DReporters
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1 No one would ever have imagined that our highly respected court judges were secretly admiring yahoo-yahoo boys.

2. Why would they? Is it because of the Benz they ride, or the quick money they make?

3. As the 2023 election petitions rulings come forth one after the other – from Abuja to Kano, from Kano to Enugu, and still moving, Nigerians are beginning to realise that yahoo-yahoo is no longer the business of dishonest young men in dreadlocks and earrings but has become a thing for some men and women in legal wigs.

4. These yahoo-yahoo men and women in wigs, may have learnt from the dreadlocks yahoo-yahoo boys, but certainly have outdone in matter of weeks, for while the boys swindle unsuspecting clients, these men and women deal with clients who have always suspected that they are capable of swindling them.

5. In a scale of gravity for punitive measures, yahoo-yahoo boys may be considered for State pardon if they are willing to return the monies they stole. But for yahoo-yahoo men and women in wigs nothing less than life sentence would be suitable for souls that steal and destroy the hope of millions of people, including generations unborn.

6. Most troubling is the fact that there are people who are celebrating the actions of these yahoo-yahoo men and women in wigs. How can any sane person celebrate yahoo-yahoo against justice? Are they so ignorant to realise that those who celebrate injustice are like grains in a mill mocking other grains that have been crushed and not realising they too will be bruised and crushed in due time?

7. Nigerians need to start mourning the death of value and morality in Nigeria because that is where the country is headed to in view of insensible and rascally judgement issued from some of the 2023 election petition tribunals.

8. Mohbad died and the entire country is mourning and seeking answers. What answers are we seeking? Mohbad died because values and morality are waning in Nigeria, and those that should curb it are celebrating it. Simple.

9. May Mohbad’s soul find peace, which Nigeria denied him, in eternity. Amen

10. With yahoo-yahoo judgements being issued from some of the 2023 elections petition tribunals, Nigeria is headed to legalising vile values and low moralities. The moment this is consummated, the Mohbad’s kind of death will become commonplace, and by then, those who dare mourn will be found guilty because vile values will reign supreme.

11. If any political class thinks that it is smartness or show of mastery of political strategy to use legal deceptive gymnastics to make lies truth, forgery good, and criminality normal, then, I am here to tell them, irrespective of their leaning, that they are among the most wicked men and women on earth.

12. Never in the history of Nigeria has daylight blatant defilement of truth and justice have been known as we see in some 2023 election petition judgements.
13. Let those wielding power in oppressing truth and subverting justice in Nigeria, take note that little by little they are igniting the wick of insurrection, and that it is only a matter of time before it goes into flame, and certainly there will be no hiding place for anyone.

14. Why are some individuals bent on destroying Nigeria in the name of quest for political power and perhaps access to her resources, why?

15. A retired Justice had pleaded that those who feel cheated should not bring down the roof of the nation, and I agree with her. Perhaps it may please her honour to speak one more time because the number of those feeling cheated seem increasing on per judgement basis, and if those enabling this cheating do not seize, it may not just be the roof, but the walls as well may pay the price.

16. May peace be upon Nigeria, and may God save her from yahoo-yahoo Judges and judgement!

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