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Will Kyiv Be Reduced To Rubble Soon And Surrender?- By Stefan Gebhardt

Will Kyiv Be Reduced To Rubble Soon And Surrender?- By Stefan Gebhardt

The picture below is the Russian city of Stalingrad in World War 2.

It was reduced to rubble. 300,000 soldiers attacked a city of 450,000 inhabitants. And despite all this, and worse photos, Stalingrad didn’t surrender. And they won.

Kyiv has a population of 2.8 million. Sure many have fled, but still. There will be more than a million defenders in there. And Putin has sent 150,000 troops.

I’ve read somewhere that if you want to take a large city via urban warfare you’ll need 3 attackers per one Defender. Putin would need 3 million soldiers to take over Kyiv.

They could kill or arrest the government. They could install a military command. And Kyiv will keep fighting guerilla style. Russia will lose tens of thousands of soldiers trying to occupy Kyiv over a longer period. They will lose hundreds or thousands of tanks and other vehicles. Everyone left in the city will be attacking anything Russian for years to come.

And that’s just Kyiv. The rest of Ukraine will do the same. This won’t be a new Afghanistan for Russia. This will be ten times worse.

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