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Why Do 90 Percent Of Nigerians Want To Travel Abroad?- By Victor Dirikebamor

It was mad the last time I went to the filling station to get some petrol for my Car.

I still can’t tell if it was luck or skill that made me leave without a dent or a scratch.

There were no proper lines. There was either a human being, some empty gallons, or a car in every available space in and around the filling station.

And the fights; mature men, with latest SUVs exchanging words and other times punches with every provocation.

And in such moments, one can’t differentiate rich Nigerians from Poor Nigerians as they demonstrate their frustration and tiredness by trying to jump the queue or ensuring that no one does.

When you observe from the side, you’ll see respected family men and women, people who are held in high esteem at their jobs and contributes meaningfully to their communities acting crazy just to get some petrol for their cars and have some for the generator back home as we can’t bank on the power from the authorities.

It’s considered normal to act crazy in Lagos to either have your way or for people to beware of you.

A governor once said, if you live in Lagos, you should be given a free pass to heaven as you’ve already lived in hell.

Nigerians are all too familiar with fuel scarcity and in all these years the government is yet to come up with a solution.

The president of Nigeria appointed himself as the minister of petroleum resources and in the past three weeks of the fuel crisis, he hasn’t come out to say a word.

weeks of the fuel crisis, he hasn’t come out to say a word.

Imagine the level of failure. The one thing Nigeria has in abundance, the same thing Nigerians lack the most.

The pump price is super high but Nigerians are ever willing to pay but the fuel is still not available.

If Nigerians lack the one thing they can boast of that they have in abundance, what else do you think works here?

Nigerians pray to God for the very things other governments provide for their people.

While many overzealous religious devotees have given up the idea of a better life here on earth and are waiting fervently to enjoy life in heaven.

Instead of holding our government accountable, we act tough and manage whatever they throw at us.

As Fela said, “Suffering and smiling.”

Due to unnecessary hardship here in Nigeria, when Nigerians, mostly the youth get an opportunity to school or live elsewhere, they do so with the speed of light.

We love our country but those at the center of affairs don’t love us.

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