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Why Are So Few African Americans Moving To Nigeria Yet Choosing Ghana?-By Ke Aun

There’s no way to know how many African-Americans are in which countries abroad, because the US Government does not track that information.

Emigration from the United States is the process where individuals from the United States move to live in other countries, creating an American diaspora (overseas Americans). The process is the reverse of the immigration to the United States. The United States does not keep track of emigration, and counts of Americans abroad are thus only available based on statistics kept by the destination countries.

Host countries might track it, but I doubt that they are tracking the racial numbers.

Ghana is most loud about its African-American population there, but I’ve seen estimates that range from 3,000 to 10,000 — a huge gulf.

African-Americans and Ghanaians with the US Ambassador to Ghana (center left), in Accra.

I’ve also seen a report put out by the Congressional Black Caucus that says that most African-American businesses in Africa are actually located in Nigeria. However, a few issues with that, namely: Does that number count Nigerian-Americans as African-Americans? Perhaps, perhaps not. I don’t know. But either way, it would seem to mean that there are more African-Americans in Nigeria than is assumed.

The reality is: no one knows how many African-Americans are in which African countries. The host countries themselves would have to better track that data.

I think Ghana is more apt to promote its African-American population, which lends credence to the idea that African-Americans prefer Ghana to other countries. It might be true, but I have no way of confirming. Nigeria seems to be rather blasé about it — the attitude seems to be “African-Americans can come if they want, or they could not. It’s all good.”

African-American Youtubers seem to be more focused on Ghana and Gambia as well, which probably adds to it.

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