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Why Are Rappers Always Rapping About Guns And Drugs?- By Darian Gregory

They aren’t all rapping about Guns and drugs many rap about positive things but those are the ones that don’t make it because the executives who own the labels that produce the Music don’t want positive black messages, they want music about crime, corruption, drugs, and black death.

That’s what sells the most and do you know who buys it the most? Whites. Do you know who the executives and major label owners are? Whites/Jews.

The question you should be asking is why do those labels sponsor those kinds of messages and why do whites love the stories of black death so much they are making the executives rich.

Its ok for black rappers to talk about killing black people but can you imagine the reaction if they were talking about killing white people all the time? It’d be a totally different story then.

Bottom line they wouldn’t keep shoveling it out if you weren’t consuming it. The executives think there’s money in doing it.

The rappers are just giving them what they are asking for. It’s just as easy for them to write positive lyrics as it is to write the negative stuff they do. If they want to “make it” in that business they will give their sponsors what they ask them for.

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