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Which University Degrees Are Least Employable In The UK?- By Gill Bullen

I haven’t seen any statistics on this, but from talking to recent graduates my general guidance would be: avoid all degrees leading to an obvious occupation where the number of job opportunities is far lower than the annual number of new graduates.

So beware of degrees in things like Archaeology, Anthropology, Law, Journalism and Media Studies, or anything else of the kind. The employment opportunities for new graduates are just so thin on the ground! My niece, as a case in point, did an industry-accredited degree in Journalism at a well-respected university, got plenty of relevant work experience while doing it, and got a First. But she couldn’t get a job, either in Journalism or in anything vaguely related like PR, and in fact not a single person in her year of the course did. In the end, she remembered that her other passion in life was clothes, and she’s doing well in the fashion trade — but she didn’t need her degree to do what she’s doing.

By all means do a degree in something like this, out of sheer enthusiasm for the subject. But do it with your eyes wide open.

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