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UAE Suspends Direct Employment Visa For Nigerians

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The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended Direct Employment Visa for Nigerians, as a result of the increasing rate of crimes involving Nigerians in the Middle-East country, a report by Sahara Reporters said.

The medium said it learnt from credible sources that the UAE police are searching for more Nigerian nationals and conducting raids and arrests to get them jailed.

“We all are shouting that our country is bad and that our government is not rising to our needs, which is true, but our reputation abroad is also fast declining due to our character.

“Two weeks ago, some Nigerians killed one another for selfish reasons at Sharjah, and another one just happened here in Abu Dhabi, when some guys went to an Arab man’s house, killed him, his wife and took away a huge amount of money from them.

“The UAE government is now tracking every Nigerian in Abu Dhabi and they have also banned every Direct Employment Visa from Nigeria until further notice,” the source said.

Crime rates have been rising among Nigerians in the UAE.

According to Dubai Police, three Nigerian women were arrested from Sharjah after intensive investigations, while a fourth woman was still at large.

The three Nigerian defendants have been charged with robbery, issuing threats, keeping the victim forcefully confined inside an apartment, and prostitution.

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