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Traders celebrate as Lagos re-opens Ajegunle market

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An amateur video footage has captured the moment traders jubilated following the decision of the Lagos state government to re-open Alayabiagba market in Ajegunle after closing it for environmental concerns earlier this week.

Tokunbo Wahab, Commissioner for the Environment, made the announcement of the opening on his social media account with a video that captured the expression of traders.

‘After complying with the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Law, Alayabiagba market in Ajegunle was earlier today reopened. We are urging the authorities of each of the Lagos State markets to keep their environment clean at all times to avoid sanction.’’

The commissioner had declared war on filthiness in Lagos markets and has closed down some markets in Nigeria’s commercial capital this week.

Yesterday, the commissioner announced the closure of Ladipo market for the same reason.

Tokunbo Wahab, via his X handle on Friday, said the market was “sealed for several environmental offences, including reckless waste disposal, unhygienic premises, and non-payment of waste bills, among others.”

He said the market would remain closed until the mandatory conditions of redress were met by traders and market stakeholders. He added that it was part of ongoing efforts at instilling compliance in markets around the state.

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