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The Rise Of Social Media Almajirai- By Wole Oladapo

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A new ethnic group, a virtual tribe of rabbles, is in town. Its name is social media almajirai. They steal the identity of any ethnic group that serves their purpose. Their language is hate and vitriol. They have no permanent dwelling. They roam from Facebook to Twitter, scavenging on ethnocentric and ethnophobic droppings from their kind. By their likes and shares on social media you will know them.

Beware of social media almajirai. They bicker about what they do not understand, gloat at the misfortune that the country is becoming, and bark at any effort to rescue them from their ignorance. They daily rewrite history to legitimate their gospel of hate. Each time you engage in an argument with them, you unknowingly feed their infamy with a certain degree of fulfilment. Each time you share, like or comment on their posts, you nudge them on in the path of self-destruction. You argue with them at the risk of your sanity.

You have their ‘rankadede’ if you constantly supply them their favourite ethnophobic poo poos. They berate every good virtue that they are not. Those who looted the country dry are their friends as long as they [the looters] consent to their misadventures through compromising silence. They too are their cronies that are bent on (un)steering the country aground in the ocean of (mis)governance. Anyone they support can do no wrong.

If you are old enough to be on this platform, you should have answers to my questions. Do these social media almajirai reason or speak like the Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ijaw, Ibiobio, Tiv, Berom etc. people you know in real life? If you have travelled to or lived in parts of Nigeria other than yours, is your experience of those people and places consistent with the reality created online by these cyber-almajirai?

You will agree with me that social media almajirai are not Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ijaw, Ibiobio, Tiv, Berom etc. They are a strange tribe of rabbles to whom we must not give up the public space. It is high time we embarked on a rescue mission to save #SocialMediaAlmajirai. We cannot afford to give up the public space to them.

Do not share, like or comment on social media posts from social media almajirai. Do not engage in argument with them on social media as you cannot by argument redeem them. If you manage social media platforms, make it a duty to the motherland to always block those who see everything through the eye of ethnic hate. This way we may be able to save #SocialMediaAlmajirai

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