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Silly people. N200 billion shared to 7000 delegates while 200 million people wallow in abject poverty, struggle with hunger, disease and insecurity.

EFCC was there live on observer status to observe bribery and corruption in US dollars while youths languish in jail for holding fake documents without Dollar in cash.

Now we know it. Peter Obi was right. You cannot share destiny of the youths in a convention and give them a future.

Over 350 million dollars shared in cash in Abuja.

7000 delegates happy, 10 million children out of school, all public universities on strike.

Nigeria we hail thee.

It took a Jerry Rawlings to do a hard reset and turned Ghana to a home for Ghanaians.

It took a Lee Kwan Yew to turn Singapore to a thriving economy.

It took chairman Mao to set China on a mission to world economic domination.

What was common among revolutionary leaders listed. THEY KILLED CORRUPTION.

We don’t have human tribal or religious differences in Nigeria.

We only have the tribe of plutocrats and autocrats dictating for the humiliated Nigerians with tone of campaigns for elections.

If indeed the former Accountant General who stole N80bn is indeed a Muslim and Sharia law is constitutional and effective to kill a Deborah for blasphemy, Sharia law should amputate him for stealing after recovering all he stole.

But the tribe of the criminals will opt for English common law and seek outdated imperial order to pay thousands for billions under the MAINA LAW OF RETRIBUTION.

Peter Obi means business. He is voice of economic survival of Nigeria.

The tribe that shared loot will hate him and even plan to kill him as show spoiler.

Rwanda succeeded and killed tribe. Now in Rwanda, you are no longer Hutu or Tutsi but RWANDESE.

Nigeria will succeed when all citizens become Nigerians.

The politicians child must have equal right with street child and go to school in government school from primary to university not foreign school.

He must get medical treatment from government hospital. He must ply the roads not fly on air.

Take my word to the bank,. APC will up the game by 100 percent on June 6 to 700 million USD at their convention. They did it with cost of their nomination forms. They got extension so as to source Euro since PDP used dollar.

These criminals will tell the uninformed that the problem of underdevelopment in Nigeria is PROSPERITY PREACHING when they have looted the Destiny of youths.


Until Nigerians turn their hunger to anger against these wicked men, we will keep suffering economic banditry.

Nigeria graduate youths in Nigeria are suffering, many in diaspora are joining illegal groups since they can’t eke out a decent living overseas without legal alien status.


I oversee many churches mainly populated by rural poor people . I feel their pain . People blame the poor and hungry for voting but never the delegates from hell for collecting bribes and electing evil men.

Delegates from hell leave Nigerians without choice.

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