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No Orchid for Pastor Tunde Bakare

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Adeola Soetan

If only Pastor Bakare knew that there are many young Mohbads in his church struggling & desperate to survive by all means possible like Mohbad, perhaps he would have spent the N100m he wasted to contest primary election with his APC gang to establish a youth entrepreneurship wealth creation foundation to support many under pressure young hidden Mohbads in his cathedral.

He might have spoken the harsh truth about the life and times of the compulsive “struggling to death” talented Mohbad, but the living and the terrible system that created gangsterism for power, money,, domination and influence which produced all Mohbads of this nation from many economically disempowered families, need the bitter truth more than the dead so as to learn from the experience of his sad untimely death..

Paying N100m to pick a paper form to contest election in Nigeria where overwhelming majority are multidimensionally poor and can’t feed well on one square meal per day, is obscenity and it’s enough to drive young people of poor parents and loomed future like Mohbad into the sad conclusion of “mo ni la ti lowo tipa tipa” (I must get rich by force by force).

Leaders influence the youths a lot and of course, rogue leaders who are rich, in power and influential influence them more because they see them as role models. This should not have escaped the critical mind of the reversible Pastor Bakare.

Adeola Soetan

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