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Nigerians Worry Over Poor Budget Allocation For Education (videos)- By Raphael Jov

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Nigerian Education continues to be in shambles.

Day-by-day, the sector faces different challenges.

This has made stakeholders to call on the Nigerian Central government to improve funding to that sector.

Nigeria is yet to meet up with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 26 per cent recommendation for developing countries.

From 2016 to 2021, the National Assembly approved about 7 percent of the total amount budgeted for the year as against the 26 percent recommendation by the UNESCO.

Some Analysts lamented poor welfare for teachers while others said Nigerian leaders do not prioritize education because their words are schooling abroad.

Out of the 2022 budget totalling N17.13 trillion a sum of N923.79 billion was allocated to the sector.

Though the figure increased, the budget is at 5.4 per cent of the total budget approved by the National Assembly.

In July 2021, the Nigerian government had promised, at the Global Education Summit held in London, to meet up with the global benchmark of 20 per cent.

Nigeria has a challenge with implementation. Analysts say when Leadership is addressed, education and Human Capital Developments will be taken care off.


Sandra Depuun- Corper

Jaafar Dawaki- Corper

Ibrahim Kola- Consultant

Hamis Abubakar- Public Servant

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