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My Professional Advice To Sam Omatseye- By Adeola Soetan

My Professional Advice To Sam Omatseye- By Adeola Soetan

Sam Omatseye should step down from any TVC News political (interview) program. He’s too tainted by his writings and commentaries as a Tinubu man, and by extension, an associate APC supporter, to be seen as objective as an interviewer/anchor. That’s why the loquacious but courageous Segun Sowunmi of PDP was able to fire crude shots of partisanship at Sam Omatsaye on a live program this morning. And he’s likely to meet more of such embassment on the live program in the future which definitely will stain the good intentioned programme.

You can hide for crude shots from respondents in print media but not in the broadcast media (like TV) which have its own more demanding professional ethics, more so, on a live program and with viewers discretion and instant feedback.

In our NTA years, when viewers’ feedback and professional ethics were taken seriously, Sam Omatseye would have been benched immediately or not even allow to be part of such program, ab initio, based on his partisan antecedent to save the integrity of the programme and the corporate image of the station.

My advice goes to other publicly known partisan broadcast journalists, presenters and program’s anchors, no hiding place, citizens know where you stand. It’s your democratic right to belong to political parties or your choice, have sympathy or be outwardly partisan, but as professionals, when your fundamental right conflicts or perceived to conflict with the expected professional ethics, please don’t come near programnes where ethics, objectivity and credibility are non negotiable. Thank you.

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