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Minimum Wage and Organised Labour – Dr Joe Abah replies Dr Charles Omole

Dr Joe Abah replies Dr Charles Omole

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This is wrong on many counts @DrCOmole. It’s just that I don’t currently have the time to address it in depth. Suffice it to say that a minimum wage of N60,000 per month is just N2,700 per day, using a 22-day work month.

You cannot say that people should not factor in cost of transportation, food, electricity and petrol in calculating minimum wage. That’s bizarre.

It is also NOT true that most public servants have all manners of allowances. Maybe you mean NASS members. Please look up the Monetisation Policy of 2003.

Finally, anyone trained in negotiation skills knows that you don’t give your best offer first. That is why if something sells for an average of N100 and you tell me it’s N500, I will price you N10. When you reduce to N400, I will increase to N20…until we both decide to stop wasting each other’s time.

I am ideologically opposed to strikes as a means of resolving labour disputes but we have ALWAYS had people negotiating for government on the basis of the offices they hold not because they have had any training in negotiation…

…Until there was a tiny increase a few months ago, a fresh graduate in the civil service took home about N48k (all in, including allowances). A Director that has put in 27 years of meritorious service, with a PhD on top, took home less than N300k (all in, including allowances).

The pay and allowances of a few agencies like CBN, NIMASA, NCC and others can give the impression that people are reasonably compensated in the rest of the public service. That is not the case at all.

Majority are performing miracles just to get to work everyday. Any economic shock like sickness or a Caesarean delivery immediately plunges them into abject poverty. That is the context.

As a private citizen, I pay my domestic staff more than the government pays many of its staff. E get as e be na, Doc.

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