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Lagos made Nigeria – Gbonka Ebiri

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The wealth of Lagos is due to its strategic location.

It has nothing to do with its position as capital.

Lagos is no different from Mombasa, Istanbul, Hong Kong and New York City.

The wealth of Lagos came from the industrial estates, Port activities and Ooda group of companies. This attracted the banks that provided the finance. These projects were embarked on by Chief Obafemi Awolowo…. At his time, 90% of Lagos was under western region.

Abuja has been the capital for over 30 years.

It still does not compare to Lagos when it comes to commercial activities.

This is because it is not in a strategic location and has no access to the sea.

Nigeria did not make Lagos…. Rather, Lagos made Nigeria. Sons of Zik have no ancestral stake in Lagos.

It is an ancestral estate of Yoruba people. Founded by Awori people…. Descendants of Ile Ife.

When the lease of a tenant expires, such tenants have no legal rights to the property, irrespective of any upgrades he made.

The capital is now in Abuja.

Old tenants have no right to Lagos collectively in the name of Nigeria. Their new tenancy right is at Abuja.

At the right time, sons of Zik will be shown the map of their dot in a circle and given a one way ticket to go back home.

They are ingrates to their hosts and would be held liable for the lines they crossed.

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