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Is Russia Actually Losing The War In Ukraine?-By Tania Bilokin

I’m partial and not objective (I’m Ukrainian and am not political), but here’re my 2 cents:
It does seem like Putin indeed is losing the war here.
I know that a lot of ordinary Ukrainians (like my mom and aunts, and neigbors) were scared as shit when he attacked. They were sure we’d be conquered and would get stuck behind the iron curtain. We were pretty sure the US and other countries would express concern and wouldn’t do anything to stop the invasion.

But the first days of the war showed that the enemy is not as strong as they would make you believe. Yes, they kill and injure a lot of people, civilians included, but they’ve become a laughing-stock here. We hate them, we make jokes about them, we fight them, and we support everyone fighting them.

I’ve never seen such mutual support among my own people. I’ve always considered us as peaceful, a bit passive people who only cared about their own business. In happy I was wrong.
There are so many volunteers to fight that we have a queue, and I’ve heard that people were giving bribes to join the military.

I live in the relatively peaceful region of Ukraine, and on the home front we are doing everything we can to help: provide things, food, money to territorial defence forces, cook for and give shelter to the refugees from other regions. I’ve been hosting families fleeing Kharkiv in my apartment, and I know my friends and colleagues were doing the same.
I’m amazed by the support I get from my friends from abroad (and no, they are not NATO, they are online teachers, just like me). I’m moved by the help the international community has shown us.

The losses Russian army is experiencing and the feeling of cooperation among us gives me hope as we are getting stronger.

So, as a non-expert, non-historian, non-analyst, I say we are winning.

A month into the war: we are holding on and pushing back):

I haven’t made any edits to my answer (even the spelling mistake), but I decided to add a few things:

Because some people asked “What else can we do?”, I collected some links you can use to help Ukraine:

You can find out more about Ukraine, follow photographers who shed light on what’s going on in Ukraine, support hospitals, refugees, local defense forces, or Ukrainian army (feel free to share them with anyone else who is interested):

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS where you can get some insight into what’s going on:

📷 @emilio_morenatti

📷 @yamphoto

📷 @aris.messinis

📷 @evgenymaloletka


📷 Myself @tetianabilokin (I share updates about myself or what I find useful in the stories)

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