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Is Bola Tinubu Worth Destroying Your Reputation? – Jackson Ude

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Bola Tinubu is a confirmed certificate forger.

Chicago State University, CSU, said they never issued the certificate he submitted to INEC for the 2023 Presidential elections.

Bola Tinubu is a drug lord. The FBI and the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency, indicted him and he forfeited $460k linked to Heroin deals in Chicago.

Bola Tinubu has records of criminal behaviors in the United States. Six agencies of the U.S Government have confirmed it.

Bola Tinubu has consistently lied, committed perjury since 1998. Documents and affidavits he had sworn to, proves that.

With a man with such a reputation and character, how do sane persons align with him to defend him.
How would a sane Justice of the Supreme Court of any country overlook the huge baggage of crimes around such a character, and not apply the laws?

How does a sane Justice of the Supreme Court, overlook all these and append a signature of approval to allow such a person lead a nation of over 200million people.

As a Justice of the Supreme Court at nearly 70yrs, what amount of money would influence you to soil your reputation to endorse a criminal to lead a nation.

At nearly 70, how many most beautiful women can you have even with 10pills of viagra?

How many more mansions do you want to build, own or can you live in. How many luxurious cars can you drive.

How many clubs or parties can you attend. How many bottles of Champagne or exotic alcohol can you consume.

How many vacation or cruise can you go for. How many luxurious life can you live at nearly 70?

How many of the good things of life have you not achieved. How many of your children are you still sponsoring.

How much do you need to give your wife to make you the best pepper soup. How many goat heads can you consume at nearly 70?

Only incurable greed would make a Supreme Court Justice, nearing the end of life, to destroy the temple of justice on account of a financial inducement, ethnic or religious sentiments.

At nearly 70, all you live for, is building a legacy. A legacy of Justice, fairness, equity, love, and respect for the Constitution, upholding the rule of law, as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

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